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Let me ask you guys something.....

Tom [Giants fan]

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Jimmy will put you in the bonus for going over 100 yards and give you scores. Scores are irreplaceable.

Dump Randle El and look for someone on the free agent list...that guy isn't going to do sh!t with K.Stewart at QB. He might win them a game or something because nobody respects him yet and will be covering someone else who is...but for fantasy, he is a looser!!

Here are some sleepers that might pay off!!

Quincy Morgan, WR, Browns

Qadry Ismail, WR, Colts

Javon Walker, WR, Packers

Az-Zahir Hakim, WR, Lions

Eddie Kennison, WR, Chiefs

These guys have a better upside than Mrs. El.


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First, I wouldn't trade Smith for Jackson and El.

Two, if Ismail is available in FA then I would pick him up in a heart beat. He had a good year last year with a terrible QB. This year he has Manning throwing him the ball. Pathon was putting up great #'s last year before getting hurt and Ismail is better than Pathon.

Three, If your WR's are poo poo then pick up Kennison for this week since he's playing the Jags!

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Antwaan Rande El - WR Pittsburgh Steelers 09/13/02

With cornerback Hank Potead out nursing a turf toe, Antwaan Randle El will be used for returning punts.

Check this....

TheShredder predicts Antwaan Randle El will enjoy wome NFL hits this week while returning punts. This is risking injury. I am looking for him to leave the game early because of a nice hit.

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Jimmy Smith is the #1 WR in Jax. There are only piles of warmed meat operating as the #2 and #3 WR's down there, so he's it for the passing game. And he's a stud.

Randle El is the #3 WR in Pittsburgh, a team with a QB who's never a great passer, who runs hot and cold anyway, and who appeared ice cold in Monday night.

Willie Jackson is in Atlanta operating with a young QB. Jackson is a good NFL WR, but he's no Jimmy Smith. And he certainly doesn't have the history to put that much faith in him.

If you're the guy with Smith, keep him or demand more at an area of need. Keep in mind that Smith is a top 20 or so fantasy talent in performance leagues because of his yardage, so you should get top 20 talent for him in return.

If you're the guy with Randle El and Jackson . . . keep dreaming. ;)

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