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The Longest Thread You've Ever Seen


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I decided to make this topic when I realized that Unsonny's "Word Association" is set to break the 20,000 post mark coming up pretty soon.

What is the longest thread you've ever seen?

Word Association definitley takes the cake for me, and I' be lying if I said I hadn't contributed to it.

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The ones noted above, plus the song name game for sure. The first movie quotes thread was long,( though nothing like the ones mentioned), but it was fun. :). and of course, any of Blondie's game threads in The Stadium can get lengthy as well. Now, if your not necessarily looking at sheer number of posts and the resulting pages, but for pure content, then you can look at these Religion threads from back in the day.



I know there are some more, just have to think about them. :twitch:

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