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Is Peter King still going to do his "investigation" on the Skins?


Does TO have rap skills?  

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  1. 1. Does TO have rap skills?

    • Not one bit
    • TO is the next coming of Tupac
    • I couldn't even get to TO's verse. (yes good ole rap hater)

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I almost want to subscribe to SI, just so I could cancel because of him.

He's a "Maroon" !

Haha, that is funny.

I would encourage every Skins fan to cancel their subscription to SI due to the terrible bias agains the Skins exhibited by some of their writers. In fact, I would encourage everyone on the planet to cancel their subscription to SI since it is a dull magazine with consistently terrible predictions.

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He is a bloated bs'r and thinks that somehow people are going to believe him. So investigate Mr. King. You better watch your back boy, someone may be investigating you soon as well. Do you really think that this was made up? That Snyder somehow deposited 4mil of his money into the Redskins account? Grow up, whatever diet your on must have shrunk your brain as well.

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Who the hell is this "Peter King" everyone keeps mentioning.....?

Peter King, is a very insightfull reporter who spends hours and hours invetigating aritlces he writes from the third booth in Burger King around the corner from ESPN headquarters. He spares no expense in finding unnamed sources to quote from the same Burger King. So far he has quoted the frycook, the entire front service crew, and once the closing cleanup crew. These people are probably the most knowegeable of his unnamed sources.

edit: Trust Bubba to beat me again.

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