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Optimism on the Arrington Front

Filed under: Giants 101— David Syvertsen @ 2:50 pm

Without any press clippings proclaiming the signing of Lavar Arrington, many Giants fans are beginning to worry. But there are more reasons to believe he’ll be in Giants blue next season than not.

-The Miami Dolphins are starting to push harder for OLB Julian Peterson. His experience in the 3-4 and attitude on the field seem to be a better fit for Miami. Add the fact that he will cost a bit cheaper than Arrington, and I’d say Saban would prefer Peterson.

-The Cleveland Browns have shut the door on Arrington. They already have brought in four big names and contracts in C LeCharles Bentley, OT Kevin Shaffar, WR Joe Jurvevicous, and OLB Willie McGinest. They are in need of an ILB for the 3-4, but that will likely be addressed through the draft.

-The San Diego Chargers have given a grand total of ONE phone call to the Poston’s. They heard the figure that Arrington was searching for an politely hung up the phone.

-The Minnesota Vikings seem to be the Giants biggest source of competition. There are talks that they are going to trade up in the draft and grab a QB like Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler. If that happens, they would not be able to draft a starter at OLB. Therefore, with all of they money they still have, Arrington might end up in a purple uniform.

-Even though Arrington’s initial price tag has dropped, he has yet to receive a partner that is willing to give him all of that guaranteed money. His price may drop again, right into the Giants offer.

-The Dolphins have contacted the Poston’s to set up another visit to Miami, but they are putting it off as of right now. This could mean that the report that he has already signed with the Giants, but won’t announce it until Monday to grab the attention, could be valid.


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