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Randle El Already Getting Involed in the Community


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I can't believe no one posted about this already, but thought I'd share it for the people outside of the DC area. ( I searched, I swear :) )

The local Comcast show did a little piece at the end of their show the other day about a kid in Northern Va who won a charity contest called "Take Your Favorite Player to Work Day". - His favorite player is Chris Samuels.

On that day Chris was supposed to arrive at the kid's house and take him to school and spend the day there, but instead, Chris showed up in a Dan Snyder suppiled limo to the kids house along with Randy Thomas and Antwaan Randle El.

As they entered the house they exchanged introductions to the kids parents, etc, and Randy Thomas immediately asked what they have to eat.

They went into the kids' room to check it out and look at his basketball tophies.

Then they, the kid, and his Dad got into the limo and went to his school. On the ride to school, Randle El asked him a lot of questions about his basketball team.- When they got to school they breifly showed some sort of assembly, in which Randle El got up and talked to the whole elementry school.

...This was Thursday. - Pretty impressive that the guy's been on the team five days and is already doing stuff like this. :logo:


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Perfect Gibbs guy. I am so glad we got ARE and I can't wait to watch him ignite our offense and special teams.

I played some madden with him lloyd and fauria (and oh yeah fauria is insanely overrated on the PS2 version, i think he's an 87. on my xbox 360 he's an 84). and basically brunell shredded it up for 350 and 4 TDs. ARE had 160 and 2 TDs, and it was neat to see how the AI reacted because most of the time they had safety help for Moss, and so I'd hit up Lloyd or ARE for yardage. Then they started shifting safeties towards ARE and I'd burn them deep with Moss..

MAN is next year gonna be sweet!

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That school is in my neighborhood, I went there a few years back. My brother goes there now and that kid who won it lives down the street from me.


You have no idea how much it pisses me off that I never got to have any cool stuff like that happen while I was there.

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Guest ComebackKing

I've always liked Randle El alot. I followed him while he was on Pittsburgh because I liked him alot. He was always so fun to watch on the field and he is looking great off field as well! I am very happy the skins got him.

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Very good to see. Two thumbs up Skins:applause: :applause: .

Randle El seems very smart, and seems to know what is best for him, his team, and his family. He is well-rounded on and off the feild. This says alot about him and alot about the Skins, because this is the team he chose.

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