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T.O. Will Rip Up the Cowboys?


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Terrell will choke in Philly, and might win at home in Dallas.

We will beat them home, no doubt, and they could possibly win at home.

Pretty much, homefield advantage will determine the true NFC East champs this coming year. Whoever can capitalize on the road will take the division. With our offense beefed up and our defense streamlined, I think we have the best shot of all.

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Guest santana4prez

I dont see TO destroying the Cowboys , with TO thay are one of the top teams in the league. His contract is set up so he dont go off on somebody.

I think the Redskins and Cowboys have the 2 best teams in the NFC, that said im not scared of TO........... BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!:redpunch:

:helmet: HTTR:helmet:

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I know these type of reassuring moral boosting threads are requisite over here but do any ES members think this actually has the opportunity to work on any level? Honestly? If you really think about it.. although he was a jack***** off the field in Philly how much of that can be attributed to the passive personalities of McNabb and Reid? Hugh Douglass even said himself that McNabb was not a good leader.

Another point.. T.O. did not destroy the Eagles last year... they may have made the playoffs if:

1. T.O. wasn't suspended

2. McNabb/Westbrook/Pinkston didn't suffer season ending injuries

3. Lito Shepherd and several defensive starters didn't suffer season ending/significant injuries..

Philly went down for several reasons IMO.. thoughts ? Comments?

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