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Military opens probe into deaths of 15 Iraqi civilians


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Great. Our guys are attacked by "big bad jihadi warriors" :rolleyes: hiding behind women and children. They return fire and now are being investigated.

When did clinton get back in office? :doh:


Military opens probe into deaths of 15 Iraqi civilians

Associated Press

Mar. 16, 2006 04:48 PM

WASHINGTON - The military has opened a criminal investigation into firefight between U.S. Marines and insurgents last year that left 15 Iraqi civilians dead, defense officials said Thursday.

The inquiry will attempt to determine whether the Marines acted appropriately when they fired back at insurgents following a roadside bomb attack in Haditha, near Baghdad, in November 2005, said a military official who requested anonymity because the investigation has not been announced yet. The civilians were hit during that battle.

Military officials in Iraq completed a preliminary investigation and have forwarded it to the Navy Criminal Investigative Service. Several defense officials acknowledged the investigation was taking place, though the details were provided by one official. advertisement

According to the official, the initial allegations of possible violations were brought to the attention of the military by a reporter in mid-February.

Fifteen Iraqis, eight insurgents and a U.S. Marine were killed in the incident, which began when a roadside bomb detonated next to a joint Iraqi-U.S. squad patrolling Haditha. Immediately after the explosion, insurgents attacked the patrol with small arms, sparking the firefight.

The Marine killed was assigned to Regimental Combat Team 2 of the 2nd Marine Division, two other Marines were injured. Defense officials Thursday would not identify the unit or Marines involved in the investigation. While several Iraqis were part of the patrol, they are not involved in the investigation, the official said.

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  • 5 years later...

Marine chooses to protect his honor over freedom



Eight Marines were originally charged. Evidence of a massacre never materialized, and the original reports by the news media, and Congressman John Murtha, have been thoroughly discredited. To date, seven Marines have been cleared.

Charges were dismissed against five Marines. The sixth was found not guilty on all counts in courts martial. A Board of Inquiry found no misconduct in the LtCol Chessani case. Only SSgt Wuterich remains of the accused.


Wuterich’s Tough Choice: Exit or Honor (UPDATE: Honor)

Nat Helms at Defend Our Marines and Tony Perry at the Los Angeles Times, both able reporters of the Haditha prosecutions, have similar stories up about the choice that Frank Wuterich must make tonight. As Perry puts it, “This could be the longest night of Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich’s life since he became a defendant in arguably the largest war-crime case from the war in Iraq.” Helms brings in the deeper meaning: “The 31-year-old father of three can bite the proverbial bullet and ask for administrative separation, or he can dig in his heels and fight for the principles he has already proved he is willing to die for.”

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So, as near as I can tell from those two links (neither of which, near as I can tell, say what you claimed in your grandiose opening sentence) is that most of the Marines have been acquitted, and the remaining has been offered what looks like a slap on the wrist plea bargain.

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Reading is fundamental, it is rather hard to miss in the 1st link he rejected the plea bargain

Would you accept a crime on your record and loss of status/benies you earned if you believed yourself innocent?

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Reading is fundamental, it is rather hard to miss in the 1st link he rejected the plea bargain

Would you accept a crime on your record and loss of status/benies you earned if you believed yourself innocent?

Lots of people do. Depends on how strong the case against them is.

Now, my suspicion is that the fact that he's been offered such a slap on the wrist plea bargain, indicates that
the prosecution
thinks their case stinks. If they thought they were going to send this guy to prison for life, they wouldn't be offering him this deal.

To me, the softness of the offer indicates that they have a weak case.

But still, it's a gamble.

How many people pay traffic tickets rather than try to fight them?

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In any case, to me, the real news is the claim (I call it a claim because the sites you've picked hardly appear to be bastions of objectivity) that the government apparently can't prove that the massacre even happened?

Assuming that it's true, (and assuming it's a case of "there's no evidence of a masacre", as opposed to, say, to invent a hypothetical, "all of the bodies were buried without any forensics or autopsies, the day after the massacre, and therefore, all of the evidence is now gone"), then I think that's big news, and deserves more attention.

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OK, reading some less-biased sources.

Nobody disputes that, after one vehicle of his convoy hit a roadside bomb, his squad attacked an Iraqi home, and then, following reports that someone had fled the home, attacked a second home. That these attacks killed 24 unarmed Iraqis, including women and children.

Apparently, the question is whether this was bad leadership, or a leader going berserk, or simply **** happens.

Doesn't surprise me that that's a tough case for the prosecution to make. (And apparently, they haven't done so.)

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