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Top Ten Things Relatively Equal in Value to a 6th Round Pick

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I said from day one that Harrington was overrated...

Kinda like every other white QB drafted in the top 5... :laugh:

Alex Smith is POOP. David Carr is WACK. Ryan Leaf was FLATULANCE. Heath Shular was ANUS. Tim Couch = DOO-DOO. Akili Smith was HORRIBLE.

For the price teams paid on these crappy QB's you'd think they'd stop drafting guys like Jay Cutler with top 5-10 picks... :laugh:

P.S. - Eli Manning has the 'itis. Yeah, the 'itis his brother got! :laugh: Shut out at home in the 1st round? :laugh:

You realize that Akili Smith had considerable pigment, right?

There was this guy, Manning or something like that, who turned out pretty good. Another one named Palmer.

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As for the original question, why is it that after we determined that we didn't want him as our starting QB that people thought we would get solid value for him?

"I bought this really nice home and just found out that they are putting in an airport next door. I should be able to get top dollar for it, right?"

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how about...

Jared Newberry

Jim Molinaro

Reggie Coleman

Mario Monds

Todd Husak

Jeff Hall

Patrick Palmer

Kelvin Kinney

Brian Thure

Dexter Nottage

Darryl morrison

Frank Wychek

Ray Rowe

Dennis Ransom

Kent Wells

That's every Redskins 6th round pick since 1990. From what I can tell the Redskins just traded for a draft pick that will result in a player who's only chance of being on this roster is the practice squad. Basically a player that could easily be picked up in UDFA. So in the end Ramsey for NOTHING! It isn't really correct to try and compare ALL 6th round picks to the Redskins 6th round picks. So Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. Does that matter? No, he wasn't drafted by anyone the Redskins currently have running the draft. Gibbs has gone through two drafts now. 6 second day picks. And none of them have contributed to this team, even on special teams. So if you ask me, the Redskins received nothing of value for Ramsey...

I'd be thrilled if we found a Frank Wychek with one of those 6th rounders! I think everyone else here would be too.

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