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Who will be the #2 Quaterback?


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I dont think that we know the depth chart positions untill were well into training camp and the preseason. I think it will be an open compition. Expext mark to win with JC at 2. Todd is there to help mentor JC until hes ready to take over the reigns

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"I feel confident had Jason been thrust into things this year, I think he would have played and played well," Gibbs said. "We've seen a lot out of him, and now he needs to play. I was laughing when I told him, 'Okay, take the hat off and throw it away; you're ready to go to work to earn your money.' "

I am confident that this quote will hold more truth then we think.

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It really doesn't matter this season because next season Brunell will most certainly be cut. Unless he absolutely lights it up this year, which is not likely, he will have a reduced role in 07. Brunell will be asked to take a huge paycut to stay and be the backup in 07 or leave. Campbell then will go into the 07 season as the starting QB and will get all of the reps. The main reason Collins was signed to a 2 year deal, and not a 1 year minimum is because we are gonna need a veteran backup next year.

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