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Will Betts be active this week?


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I think Betts will be active. If nothing else, it will spare questions as to why he *wasn't* active, considering the injury to Davis -- which would embarrass the team.

If he is active, it will be interesting to see whether it is Betts or Watson who spells Davis. Because I don't expect Davis to be the HB for the entire game. (Hopefully that will be because we've got a big lead. :))

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Betts will probably be active this week, but don't look for him to play very much.

The staff showed last week they are willing to play Watson at critical points of the game, trusting he won't fumble or make the killer mistake or drop.

I don't think Betts has proven anything, other than the fact he is a #2 pick with a whole lot of improvement to make to have the selection stand up on its own :mad:

Let's face it. For depth in 2002 the Redskins could have added one of a number of veteran backs who would have been more able to step in and play for Stephen Davis.

Honestly, if he had not been a #2 pick do you think he would have made this team as a UDFA with the skills he showed?

I think it is questionable.

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