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How do the Redskins relate to "24"?


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First off, I think that there are several personalities on 24 that relate to the Skins.

People like Curtis Manning. They've easily taken his character and based it on the playing ability of Marcus Washington - tough, agressive, loves what he does, always in the right spot.

We can throw it up for debate, but who do you think would play Kack Bauer? Gregg Williams?

I also think the show could be improved with more Redskin's in supporting roles . . . Sheriff GonGetcha could surely work for CTU . . .

Edgar is dead, kind of like Dana Stubblefield to us . . .

Plus, there are bad guys that resemble other NFC people . . . Christopher Henderson is like Jerry Jones . . .

Hmm . . .

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clearly viny cerrato is mike whispering into the president's ear.

chloe is mostly resembled as the cheerleader that cooley was hooking up with, always mixing business with pleasure.

john jansen is the secret service guy...always working, never getting respect or the vacation in hawaii that he deserves.

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