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Free Agent O-linemen still available


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according to ESPN, here is the OL's still available for us for depth. - I'd like to see us sign at least one guy and draft at least one guy for depth. -

Size exp. team

Ian Allen OG 6-4 313 4 Cards

Darnell Alford OG 6-4 325 4 Rams

Tom Ashworth OT 6-6 305 4 Patriots

Jeff Backus OT 6-5 305 5 Lions

Jordan Black OT 6-5 304 3 Chiefs

Ethan Brooks OT 6-6 330 8 NY Jets

Orlando Brown OT 6-7 360 10 Ravens

Anthony Clement OT 6-8 320 8 49ers

Marc Colombo OT 6-8 317 4 Cowboys

Kris Dielman OG 6-4 310 3 Chargers

Jason Fabini OT 6-7 304 8 NY Jets

Mike Flanagan C 6-5 301 10 Packers

Todd Fordham OT 6-5 319 9 Panthers

Joaquin Gonzalez OG 6-5 300 4 Colts

Jonathan Goodwin OG 6-3 318 4 NY Jets

Brock Gutierrez OG 6-3 304 9 Lions

Brad Hopkins OT 6-3 295 13 Titans

Tyrone Hopson OG 6-2 294 4 Lions

Damion McIntosh OT 6-4 320 6 Dolphins

Terrence Metcalf OG 6-3 318 4 Bears

Jeff Mitchell C 6-4 300 9 Panthers

Stephen Neal OG 6-4 305 4 Patriots

Mike Pearson OT 6-7 297 4 Jaguars

Chad Slaughter OT 6-8 340 5 Raiders

Trey Teague C 6-5 300 8 Bills

Kenyatta Walker OT 6-5 302 5 Buccaneers

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Do you really need to sign a F.A. , we could just draft a O-line guy. we have 5 good starters.

need to have a little experience there. - If we draft, say 2 guys this year - they will be relatively cheap depth for us in about 2 years, but right now we need a little insurance. The offensive line is crucial.

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If we could get one veteran that was a little versatile and could move around a little on the line we would be in good shape. Then we could draft a guy and have time to develope him a little. As far as the list of lineman goes, I can't say I know a whole lot about any of them.

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I think we need at least one vet (preferably 2 a T and G) to make me sleep well at night if someone like Thomas goes down again or Samuels. I do think drafting some depth is important as well.

We have Jim Molinaro as a reserve tackle. That is why I think Goodwin would be a good sign to backup at center and guard.

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Do you really need to sign a F.A. , we could just draft a O-line guy. we have 5 good starters.

Someone should really rip you for that. Sheesh. Chances are at least one of them will be injured most of the year. Remember Jansen's injury and having Ray Brown at RT? How about Cory Raymer playing guard when Thomas got hurt? Yes, we need depth, and no a 5th round draft pick will not suffice. That might be good for the 8th OL on the depth chart, but not the 6th and 7th - the two first backups.

I think an experienced guy that can play G/C (ala Goodwin) would be huge, as would a nice backup OT, and then maybe combine with Molinaro (or is it Wilson we kept? one of them) and maybe another draft pick and we'll be in good shape there.

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Speaking of the O-Line, does anyone remember hearing the coaches commenting on how our projects are progressing (Molinaro, Alston & Ndukwe)? That would would have a lot to do with trying to pick up depth.

As of right now, I think just 1 solid veteran with G & C experience (like jerrod suggested), who's thirsty for a ring, will do, & see how well the youngsters do in minicamp before trying to sign anyone else.

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What about Tom Ashworth, I would love to have him as depth.

Ashworth is being targeted by several teams as a starter, so I can't imagine he would want to play behind probably the 2nd-best pair of bookend OTs in the league.

Brown and Mitchell would be nice. Then we could draft Fred Matua in the 6th round.

Matua is certainly not on the same plane as Lutui as far as prospects go, but 6th round seems low. I was thinking more like late 4th-5th for him...

Does anybody know if Neal Started Last Year for the Pats?

He did, and he's a very solid player. He's interesting because he didn't really play football until after college (he was an All-American wrestler), but he will assuredly be picked up as a starter by someone or retained by the Pats.

Jordan Black, Chiefs. 3 year vet, played under Al Saunders, 6'5 304, knows the system. Could he be a prospect? He's a Notre Damer.


Personally, I think this guy is not particularly good. He really seemed to struggle when he came in for Willie Roaf, and was definitely the weak link in that OL. Of course, that is a great OL and anyone who replaces Willie Roaf will look bad, but he did not impress me at all, especially in pass sets.

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I know Olando Brown is old, has one eye, is def, limps, has back spasms and alzheimers, but he is absolutely huge. As a back up and the vet minimum, I would snatch all 360 lbs of that man and have his disabled, parapalegic *** ride the bench just in case we needed him. Take Ray Browns spot on the bench. But I hope we go after Jordan Black or Mike Pearson aggressively as future Redskins.

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