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Well, let's see if I can explain myself in the most clear and concise manner.

I am one of those. The ones who frequent extremeskins.com daily but seldom post anything, yea, those. I literally come on this site daily. I even went on this site this past summer when I was in Europe, just to catch glimpses of training camp. I don't post that much b/c I see the idiotic things people say on the board sometimes, and I basically don't want to waste anybody's time. This site is fantastic for finding information and opinion, but expressing a generally held sentiment, it can get cluttered with nonsense. It's ok, you take the good with the bad.

The reason I am posting this is because I want to question why we all are such avid fans of the Redskins and this site. After thinking about it for some time, a period of months, I came to the conclusion that it is an escape. The Redskins are a completely separate part of my life, and in no way are they connected to any other part of me. Anything else I do, it all goes on irrelevant to the Redskins. I come on this site multiple times a day, and every time I click the GO arrow to prompt the site, I get that same relieved "Ahhhhh" feeling as the black and burgundy and gold colors come up on the screen. I know I am not the only one.

But the depth to which we go in analyzing and forecasting and prognosticating and complaining, it is almost sickening, from an objective point of view. I may not write anything, but I read all the articles and the things we write as fans. It's wild.

So, my question is, is it a good thing? I mean seriously, take off your Redskins glasses and consider it. Should we as people be so obsessed with a professional team and a website like we are? I am not convinced either way, but I think it is not productive and can almost set you back. Like I said, I haven't figured out how it sets you back and what the ramifications are yet, but maybe in time I will find out.

I also don't see myself taking a break anytime soon, to be real with myself. And despite the fact that I know nobody on this site from a personal point of view, I can imagine a lot of you feel the way I feel. If so, echo it, comment on it.


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WELL....when I joined this site, and judging by the time you joined, there was a MUCH more personal level of communication on this site. There were a LOT less people. You knew people. I personally have met quite a few people from this site, and pretty much get along with all of them.

NOW....to touch on the whole "obsession" thing. I have to say that this is a release for people to continue a very passionate part of their lives. Some people are druggies, alcoholics and criminals....we are EXTREMAHOLICS. I really dont think it's a problem, it's a place where we can go, talk to other Redskins fans (all other boards and chatroom are overrun by trash talking loonies) and have a serious conversation about the team we all have grown to love. This is the bridge from February to August.

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Do you really understand the point of messageboards. all of us have other things to do and seperate lives but for 1 its good to have a hobby and an interest.

Extrememskins for me is a great way to take a break from my stressfull job. I come on this site in the morning at lunch and in the afternoon just to read and talk to people with the same hobby or interst.. Kind of like DETOX from work.

None of your points are valid and if you dont like it no one really cares

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Well, being you come here daily, you must have read this thread by OM.

One must remember the root word for "fan", is fanatic.

I've been a member for a long time now, and I have seen this place have a bad effect on some people. Following the team ahead of getting work or study done is about the extent of it though. Like any hobby, priorities must observed. Personally, I have learned so much about the game, the team, and many other topics since the inception of ES. The beauty of it is, I don't have to be away from my family to be involved with such a hobby.

Like any hobby, more often then not it's a year round thing. There are countless discussion groups out there for people to express their opinions on just about any topic you can think of, and some you can't ;) ES is no different.

Also, like any other hobby, it is indeed a release. That's why people have a hobby, to forget about the events of every day life, and lose themselves in something that is purely for their pleasure. From the early days of this site, many members did all sorts of things to make this place that much better.

Most folks don't know, but we had a monthly headed up by OM in the early days. The group (Extreme Team) didn't do it for praise, but because they enjoyed what they were doing. Enhancing the site was a plus. I did many of the avatars way back when, and some are still kickin around. I love to do photo mods, so I had fun while helping the site out.

While we're a football site, it's always been the people that makes this place so good, and so addictive. Even with the massive influx of members over the past few seasons, without the quality members we have, we would be just another fan site. It may seem like a rat race at times, but look closer and you will still find the discussions with solid, thought out posts about the team and upcomming season.

Oh, And you don't have to go to the Tailgate to find them ;)

I hope I'm making sense here.............often I don't :laugh:


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