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Bowen signs with buffalo


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he may be a starting safety elsewhere in the league, but I was really unimpressed with him after his injury(ies). I thought Jimoh and Prielou (I know that's spelled wrong haha) did a better job and both played more physical than Bowen.

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Buffalo sure has come to be enamored with some of our mediocre former players. Robert Royal and Matt Bowen?

Royal isn't a particularly strong blocker and has questionable hands and Buffalo hands him a good chunk of change to be their TE? He was easily our most questionable starter on offense in 2005 before David Patten went down and the #2 WR spot became a total mess.

Bowen is a liability in coverage and often fails to wrap up his tackles, trying instead for the highlight reel pop. He missed at least 2-3 sacks on qbs by going high and not wrapping 'em up.

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