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PFT: NFLPA Votes to Suspend Carl Poston


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... largely over his incompetence in the Arrington contract situation.


POSTED 6:26 p.m. EST, March 15, 2006


Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFLPA Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline has voted to suspend agent Carl Poston for two years.

The suspension arises from Poston's negotiation of LaVar Arrington's December 2003 contract extension with the Redskins. After the deal was done, Poston claimed that the Redskins had failed to include in the final version of the contract a $6.5 million roster bonus payable in 2006, which would have resulted in two 2006 $6.5 million roster bonuses in the contract. In support of the allegation that the 'Skins had hoodwinked Arrington and his agent, Poston admitted that the didn't read the contract before it was signed. The grievance filed on Arrington's behalf later was resolved in a manner that resulted in no payment or promise of payment to Arrington.

Poston can appeal the suspension to an arbitrator.

The irony is that Arrington was cut before either bonus would have come due. And the far bigger disservice, in our opinion, to Arrington was the failure of Poston to determine the market value of Arrington before allowing him to waive $4.4 million in deferred signing bonus money in order to secure his freedom, and in permitting him to turn down the opportunity to convert the $6.5 million roster bonus into a guaranteed payment. In more than a week since Arrington bought his release from the 'Skins by giving up the deferred bonus money, Arrington has made two visits and has received no offers.

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Will Everyone Stop Trying To Be Mods

This has been covered many times. This is a community that policies itself. This is by design of the site creators and the Mods. They want and need the community to police itself because the sheer number of members requires it. No one is trying to be a mod. They are just trying to limit the number of repetitive posts so that other quality posts don't get knocked into obscurity. This is a topic that is not open to discussion as far as the mods are concerned. The community will police itself in these matters. If this is not to your liking, there are other fan sites available. Not trying to be a rude or run you off or anything like that. It's just a fact that the newer members are struggling with at this time.

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