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World Baseball Classic... KOREA vs. JAPAN. (US needs Korea's help, BAD!)


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Korea wins, the US still has a chance. We beat Mexico and we're in.

The other scenario to get in would be Japan winning but Korea scoring over 8 runs. Probably not going to happen...

top of the 8th, 0-0 ball game going into the inning...

Korea scores 2!! 2-0 KOREA!!!!!!!!


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what exactly are they playing for? gold medal?

what about regular baseball preseason?

Spring training is still going on, and it still doesn't count for anything.

The World Baseball Classic players are playing for this:


Since baseball's no longer in the Olympics, nobody can get a gold medal for it, so this is the only way to find out which country is the best at baseball.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

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