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Chandler deal not dead yet???


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From today's San Jose Mercury:

Trade talk

49ers rookie kicker Jeff Chandler may soon be reunited with Steve Spurrier, his coach at Florida, if a rumored trade goes through with the Washington Redskins.

Spurrier, in his first season coaching the Redskins, lost his starting kicker, Brett Conway, for the season because of a torn leg muscle. The team signed James Tuthill, but he is considered a short-term solution.

Chandler was drafted in the fourth round but failed to unseat Jose Cortez as the starter. However, the 49ers thought enough of Chandler to keep him on the roster.

``I don't know that anything is going to happen,'' Mariucci said. ``We like Jeff Chandler. We drafted him. We think he's an NFL kicker. . . . Time will tell if he remains a 49er.''

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Or maybe the Whiners are waiting until AFTER we play them to talk about a deal. If they traded him to us and we won by a field goal, they'd really have egg on their faces, and it's not like his asking price is gonna drop in two weeks. On the contrary, if the Skins lose a close one to the Buzzards (possible, though I hope not), it could make us more desperate for a deal.

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