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Answer to the question, " how can the skins afford these guys"


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What the skins do and have been doing for years is; giving high bonus, long contracts with minimum base salaries at the begining so the cap hit is very small. Then the base salaries escalate to a very large figure, usually the 3rd year of the contract. They then take the base salary and turn it into a bonus that can be shared amongst the final years. This is where the term "Restructuring" comes from. The only problem is, If the player refuses to restructure (Lavar) and we decide to trade or cut him, the remainder of the bonus is owed and counts against our cap immediately. There are exceptions due to roster bonuses where we can split the cap hit over two years. Ex; June 1st rule in lavar's case.

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This has already been covered big time here on this board.

Thanks for the contribution, it's great to have more people posting, just make sure you're not posting stuff that was already talked about. Feel free to use the search feature and add to the convos that have already taken place, though. :)

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