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Thank you Past Coaches Thread


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I know many people have pointed out how much they were glad that Spurrier quit when he did to allow Gibbs to come back, and how glad new season ticket holders are that Petitbone, Norv, Shottenheimer, and Spurrier stunk up the place so that they could move up the waiting list to get tickets for Gibbs return.

We now have some more thanks for former coaches - this is a combination package:

Thank you Norv Turner for your keen offensive mind that basically could not find a way to utilize one of the best WR's in the game in Randy Moss. This combined with Mike Nolan had to impact Brandon Lloyd on thinking ... if Norv couldn't get the ball to Moss on a regular basis, then why should I be sticking around here for rebuilding when the new offensive genius has even less to work with then he did in Oakland?

What other former head or position coaches of the Skins have impacted our team in a positive way since they left?

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I can't really make fun of a Man's profession... I'm just happy as Hail that Gibbs is back in DC!!! We're headed in the right direction... and it's been a while since I felt this way!!!

As far as past coaches... I would like to give some love to George Allen and Vince Lombardi...

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