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Redskins Coaches!!!!


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I am proud to be a Redskin fan these days and love the players that we have just sign! But I think whats going to get the Skins to the Super Bowl this year is Joe Gibbs and the coaches that he has put together to run this team. The Skins have got alot FA in the past but we had idiot coahes that couldn't not coach!:dallasuck

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It is a combination of all of it, but it definitely starts with the coaches.

They set the culture systemically and the professionalism and the expectations.

They establish the structure, focus and discipline to maximize the most out of everyone's efforts

Then they figure out what player resources they have and which they need.

The players then have the task of working to fit into said structure and use their character, intelligence, and natural ability to perform based on the system the coaches are requiring of them.

Under previous coaches we had phenomenal talent at different positions, but it wasn't organized and managed properly, which is a fault in coaching.

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