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Im tired, let them all talk


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It's that time of year again. And ever since Little danny took over, we hear and see the same old crap every year, except last year.

Last year, we didn't really sign any "flashy" players. So, we didn't really hear much. Plus, last year, people were still doubting Gibbs. Look, we the the Redskin fans already know whats coming next when cash is dished out during the FA period. But it's not the players were signing, it's the money and how it's presented to the football world during this period. We all know these players signed aren't exactly world beaters, "Not Yet" (haha). But people's gonna question the money that was coughed up. so what.

But we all know the big diffrence is the coaching and not the players all the time. And this year is totally diffrent from the other FA splurges in the past.

Anyhow, let them hate and continue to be jealous.

The redskin Organization may not have "5" trophies yet, but believe us. As you can tell, danny's main objective is to get there and hopefully beyond.

So ignore them, and laugh with them and sometimes at them because it does seem comical at times.

And get this, Danny has taken the NFL by storm and no ones gonna stop him now. The redskin organization is to rich and becoming richer, ask Danny and the player's that's sigining (haha).

And now that a real coach is coaching the football team. There's no way other teams can compete with attracting FA's like the skins. And it's not getting worse, it's getting even better because Joe's back and they're winning.

Don't hate the players, hate the game. And the old saying "It's not tricking if you got it to spend" So I guess Danny's a little trick then, and he's tricking all the way to the bank, and hopefully to the Superbowl this year.

So ignore them and tell them not to blame Danny, but blame the Yankee's owner for starting this Strong arming of Sporting Leagues.

Stay Tuned....

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I kind of skimmed the post, but I will say this...It's actually funny how Snyder gets blasted for money he shells out yet Steinbrenner's yankees are considered "the class of MLB", "perennial world series favorites"

I think that is what irks many skins fans the wrong way. It's not about just the Redskins spending aggressiveness, but it's about personal or team hate.

Sure people hate the yankees, but the media loves them. Why? Just because it is an NY team and the most powerful media outlet is NY?

Everyone says redskins fans are paranoid, but there is truth to what we believe. If the Giants spent like the skins, everyone would be kissing their @$$.

I could careless...let the media hate, but I just find it funny that they hate because it's not one of their darling teams that is aggressively trying to be the best. In fact, the more they bash the skins the better...it means more fear that the skins might actually win the SB.

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Even though this has been something I have voiced about again and again. There is no shame in being powerful. Dan is a fox in the business world and he is doing what any ambition individual would do. Other teams don't have such owners. They are lead by people more interested in their profit margins. Because we are the cash cow of the NFL people assume it is easy for guys likes Dan to wave money around with ease. It's not easy. Dan has to come out on top also, eat into his funds.. we've got the buck and we should spend it.

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