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this guy is funny.

Larry michael: did you see cooleys hair yesterday

Rabach: i did not but did you see....the QB.....whats his name...brunell! his hair is getting bad too

Larry michael: you guys will have a good offense this year won't you?

Rabach: we better! some heads might be rollin if we don't

i like him now

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Ramsey doesn't wanna be a backup...

There aren't exactly any starting roles presenting themselves right now. Even if there are, zero will be guaranteed. They may need someone to help while Palmer is out, though, depending on how long he takes to heal.

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Don't think he has a choice. There doesn't seem to be a team in the league that views him as a starter, at least not right now.

In my opinion, Ramsey is honestly best suited to stay here. If he's gonna be a backup, he might as well be here. He knows the sytem. He knows Brunell is older, will probably retire in a year or two, and until then is injury prone. His best chance of getting to start is here, I would think.

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