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NEVERMIND THIS RUMOR IS FALSE: Javon Walker in Philadelphia per WIP

Big Weirdo

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WIP is reporting that Javon Walker is in Philadelphia today and he's supposed to be at the NovaCare Complex at 1pm.

Take it for what it's worth.

UPDATE: Apparently there were two sources who called in. An airport worker was the first. Not too credible, IMO. The second was a limo driver for the Eagles. More credible than an airport worker. So we'll see.

UPDATE AGAIN: WIP is now reporting the rumors are false. The Eagles have called WIP and told them this is totally untrue. Whatever it was fun for the 10 minutes it was up.

Sorry Eagle fans. Not today. :(

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from pft ~

profootballtalk - walker to philly rumor is bogus


Talk radio in Philadelphia is abuzz with reports that disgruntled Packers receiver Javon Walker is on his way to town to meet with Eagles officials regarding a possible trade that would make him the new No. 1 wideout, a spot that used to be filled by a disgruntled receiver who was released on Tuesday.

Although we prefer mongering rumors to shooting them down, we can report with a high degree of confidence that this one ain't happening.

How do we know? First, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that it's not happening. Second, Walker is still under contract with the Packers. Before he could talk to another team, the Packers would have to give him permission to attempt to work out a trade. Typically when such permission is given, the dude's agent crows about it in order to shake as many interested parties as possible out of the bushes (or, as they say in some parts, the "booshes").

So the rumors are wrong. (Gosh, it genuinely pains us to say that.)

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WIP is saying the Eagles called them theirselves and completely debunked the rumor. Whatever. Let me be optimistic on this one:

The Eagles are using this tactic as an obvious smokescreen because of the Bentley ordeal. Walker really is in town they just don't want anyone to know. :)

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