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To all who compare the current redskins to the past:


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Work has been slow the past few days and I've been trolling around these boards and the boards of other teams more and more. During this I've noticed one very annoying thing that the other people are saying about the Redskins....They always comment about how the Redskins are at it again, signing big name players for too much money and will go no where. For those of you who are going to come in here and post this trash here is my rebuttal in advance.

First off, yes, in the past we have spent money on "big-time" players that ultimately ended up being busts. (.i.e. Deion Sanders, Trotter, etc.) However, keep one thing in mind; this was around the time Snyder was still a new owner and the coaches we had then (Turner & Spurrier) were new coaches that were not good and we had no GM. This is a different regime. Gibbs is bringing in players that fit what he wants in a player. He isn't blindly going after guys with household names...he wants players that can fill a role within the team and strengthen it. Look at the players brought in since Joe Gibbs came back. Most, if not all, the players we have brought in have had a positive impact so you cannnot say we have been spending unwisely. Santana Moss, Portis, Springs, Griffin...they don't sound like busts to me.

Why are people saying we are not looking towards the future and only looking for instant results? I don't know bout you but, a fourth or fifth year player doesn't seem like a temporary solution. Besides Brunnell, the players we have brought in are in their primes or hitting their primes to give us instant result and be useful to us over an extended period. On top of that our signings aren't big name players...Randle El, Lloyd, and Archuleta? They aren't exactly household names so obviously the FO is not blinded by their reputation. So we gave 3rd and 4th round pick for a young receiver....so what? He has proven he can perform on the professional level. What guarantee is there that a draft pick will even make the team? Sure he can be a bust but anything is a gamble whether it's signing a FA or drafting a rookie.

I don't know if I made any sense but I just couldn't take it anymore. I could not believe that people could be so misinformed. I'm not some fanboy. I love the redskins but I don't blindly support everything they do but I don't see how people can compare the redskins of the past to the Gibbs' redskins when they have already produced results his second season back. It's like they don't remember that we were 5-1 in the east and made it to the second round of playoffs with an offense that was handicapped and a defense with a weak front four.

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