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Now that T.O. is history...


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I think this is an interesting list. If I were an Eagles fan, I'd look at it as a mixed bag. The problem is, any positives during his tenure, including the SB year, will always be marred by how terrible an ass he was...and perhaps, his lingering affect on McNabb.

Such is a Philly fans' fate.



0 Postseason wins with him in the lineup

1 Trip to the Super Bowl, thanks in part to him

1 Official press conference on front lawn of Moorestown, N.J., house (remember, "Next question?")

1 Unofficial press conference on front lawn (You remember him huffing and puffing through those situps, don't you?)

2 Arbitration hearings (Do you recall the names of the arbiters? That would be Stephen Burbank and Richard Bloch)

2 Three-touchdown games (vs. Giants, Sept. 12, 2004; at Cowboys, Nov. 15, 2004)

4 Multitouchdown games (2004: vs. Giants, Browns, Cowboys; 2005: vs. 49ers

4 Games suspended for conduct detrimental to the team (thank ESPN and Michael Irvin for taking T.O. down that path)

5 Losses in 22 games that T.O. was in the lineup

6 Games where his TD could be considered the game-winner (2004: vs. Giants, Bears, Ravens, Cowboys, Packers; 2005: vs. 49ers)

9 Losses in 13 games in which he wasn't in the lineup

12 Games with more than 100 receiving yards

13 Catches of 40 yards or more in 21 regular-season games

16.8 Points without T.O. in 13 games he wasn't in the lineup (counts two meaningless regular-season games in 2004 and the last seven of 2005 in which Donovan McNabb was hurt)

20 TDs over 2 seasons

25.1 Points with T.O. in 22 games he was in the lineup

30 Catches of at least 20 yards in 21 regular-season games

77 Receptions during 2004 regular season, putting him sixth on Eagles' all-time list for a single season

86 Total catches in 2004 season, including Super Bowl

91 Yards - his longest catch-and-run play - in a loss to Denver, his last TD for the Birds

133 Total catches in two seasons

729 Days here, many of those soap operaish

1,322 Yards receiving in 2004

2,085 Total yards receiving

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Sorry boys. Just tired of hearing about this ****. I'm going to miss TO but it's time to cut our losses and move on. I gotta support my boy McNabb now.


Hey Who Del -- know why McNabb eats his Chunky Soup from the can??

Because every time he gets near a bowl, he chokes!!! Bahahahahahahahahaahah!! :laugh:

(TO told me that one ;))

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T.O. has the potential to be one of the best recievers in the game, he's extremely confident, he's a man child, and he has proven time and time again he's very skilled at what he does.

The problem is, harnessing a guy with so much energy like T.O.

He needs a coaching staff and a team that is going to fit the style of football he plays, intense and carefree. This man has made it to the pro bowl more then enough times with teams that had only better then average players (49ers) and not only that but he wasn't very well liked there at all and he still excelled.

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TO isn't like any other undisciplined player who can be changed by good coaching. I personally don't believe there's a coach out there who could change him from a me-first player to a team player.

Not even Coach Gibbs, Gibbs would kill him before he managed to change him :silly:

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