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If ST goes to jail?????


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If they keep pushing his trial date back we'll never have to worry about him going to jail.

Hell. If he does go to jail he'll just bend the bars and step on out. :)

hahaha nice comment... i can picture that

but who would want to send him to jail....if he did anything ot me i'de be honord

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I've said it once (check the sig), and I'll say it again. :notworthyChuck Norris:notworthy has joined Sean Taylor's Legal Team, and has stated that Sean Taylor will never step foot in a jail unless its to visit Michael Irvin. Even if you don't believe :notworthyChuck:notworthy, if the jury dared to give a guilty verdict he would roundhouse kick them all in the face and it would be a mistrial.

So just relax everything will be fine.:applause::applause::applause:

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