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Reasonable FA fill thread...


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Secondary Nickname-- STAARS

Sean Taylor - Adam Arch - Rogers - Springs

Love the roster so far... now if we can only sign some CB, LB, OL depth from the lower tier fa pool to finish this thing off. There are a few out there that can be had for reasonable prices. No need to break the bank to this. Just sick of all the JA and LA posts, high-price kicker, etc.

Let's have a reasonable focus and discussion on potential signings, i.e. the Warrick Holdmans, Stoutamires, etc from last year.

Here is a good list of what is available:


I'll start:

Andre Dyson and re-sign Holdman (not great, but definitely serviceable)

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Antwan Peek (LB) this kid is gunna be nasty...

He is explosive off the snap. Still developing as a rusher, but has improved his pass rush package. Can work both edges as a rusher. He can change directions with little wasted motion. He shows a solid spin move off his up-field charge. He is an aggressive player - he will play down hill through the hole. He is an excellent special teams player. Shows solid speed on cover units and a good part of the time he is the first man down field. He is a flash player right now - needs to develop some consistency in his game. He is not a physical player vs. the run. He lacks bulk and can get engulfed taking on blockers 1x1. Needs to use his hands better to protect his chest as a pass rusher.

Scouts Inc.

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We also need a Kicker and Punter.....we also have that 2nd rounder that could fill a need, but I never can tell who this team is targeting so I will act as if we do not have that pick...;)

CB- Jamar Fletcher (Chargers)

LB- Rocky Boiman(Titans)

OL- Tutan Reyes(Panthers)

K- Bring back Novak if Arizona ever lets him go, Paul Edinger??? Rookie???

P- Jason Baker(Panthers)

With the flurry of signings that past few days some of these guys may be signed if so, oh well.

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CB- Dyson

LB- NONE ( Washington/Marshall/McCune/Campbell (Khary)/Schaefter? (from Broncos)/Clemons) *I'm assuming Carter will be DE, but might be LB in certain situations

OL- Mitchell (C/Carolina) I also heard we are looking at a guy from the Jets

K- Vinateiri (Piss off the cowgirls)

P- Baker (Carolina) or Rouen (Seattle)

Anybody heard any rumors regarding us going after any punters/kickers?

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