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ESPN Chat with Mike Wilkening (Redskins Tidbits)


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Searched and didnt see it:

joe pitt: how does washington sign 4 high priced free agents and at the start of free agency they were one of the 3 teams that had to make the most moves to get under the cap they released one player arrington and then the steelers dont have any money to spend and they never splurge on players and thats all washington does

sn2.gifMike Wilkening: (4:02 PM ET ) Well, remember that the cap is $102 million this season and $109 million in 2007. That's a lot of room. Prorate the bonuses over six seasons, and you can get some creative deals done.

Randy (Bos): With Arz, Bal and Min all answering RB questions, will the "other" RBs (ie not Bush) all drop to NE and will BB take one? Also, why so many feel a DB early? I would think the LAST thing the Pats need is more youth back there.

sn2.gifMike Wilkening: (4:06 PM ET )

sn2.gifMike Wilkening: (4:08 PM ET ) An RB would make sense, with Faulk and Dillon getting up in age. Adding to the defensive backfield also makes sense, as the Patriots could stand to add talent at both S and CB.

Brian (Pittsburgh): Is Washington crazy for paying all that money for Randel El? He basically got $1mil per catch. Overrated.

sn2.gifMike Wilkening: (4:09 PM ET ) It's crazy money if you expect him to be a No. 2 WR that catches 55-65 passes. I think that signing and trading two picks for Lloyd were curious moves.

sn2.gifMike Wilkening: (4:10 PM ET ) To add to that real quick: I don't think Washington expects him to catch that many passes, not with Moss in the picture.

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When we signed Moss--we were getting the shaft, remember? Sooner or later (my guess later or never) the media guys will realize that there's a reason they are hack writers and not talent evaluators.

And Cornelius Griffin was fat and lazy. Portis was a system back. Springs was done. Joe Salave'a was a backup for one of the worst run defenses in the league.

We have the stupidest FO in the world.................................NOT


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