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Lions sign QB Jon Kitna - Will this put the Ramsey trade in motion to the Jets?

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Well with Brees off the table, Culpepper, Kitna, The Collins we just picked up, all off the table, there isnt much left for them to pick from, and Ramsey is starting to look like one of the better options left over. They are going to draft more defense or a runningback IMHO. We will get the Ramsey trade done, maybe not for Abraham but for a draft pick at least.

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We will get nothing more than a 6th or 7th rounder.

With today's QB moves- Our options are limited. Teams that might be interested Ramsey have more options in the draft. If the Jets were to get Atlanta's Matt Schaub that would take them out.

I predict in the end the Skins will end up cutting Ramsey.

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F the Jets -- I'd rather cut PR then take a 7th from their sorry booties....

But Kitna signing with Detroit begs a question - with Carson still questionable for the season opener and Kitna gone - Cincy is left with a major question mark at QB....why not try to deal PR to Cincy? He'd be "re-united" with Lewis who was the DCo his rookie year and Cincy's roster has been sprinkled with ex-Skins the past few years (Bauman, Ohalete, Watson, Powell, Pat Johnson) so there's obviously some healthy agent/team/player relationships (they can't ALL be coincidental....) Ramsey going there seems like a no brainer to me...

Check this article on Bengals.com listing the available or soon to be available QB's....Collins, McCown, Frerotte, Rosenfels, Brooks, Griese, Harrington....and Ramsey.

Well, Marvin doesn't have a lot to choose from there, I guess, although Collins has the most upside with his experience and arm strength -- he is getting old, but really as a back up to Palmer, he fits best. Brooks is next with his agility and experience (guy can play, I think half his problem was his coach) but he's probably the front runner to start in Oakland. I think Ramsey is up there with Harrington and McCown, though all three have been ruined by poor coaching, bad lines, inconsistent play.....Griese and Frerotte are a lot alike, journeymen with good games and bad games under their belts.

Could be a good fit for our boy. Best opportunity to start in the short term, but realistically serve as a quality #2, grow with a team in a healthy environment and then move on to a starting role somewhere in a few years with more confidence and skills. I think all of us agree to a certain extent that we want what's best for him.


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