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Bears had interest in Carter, Archuleta, and Randle-El


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Bears | Team had some interest in A. Carter

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 05:35:05 -0800

The Chicago Tribune reports the Chicago Bears had contacted DE/LB Andre Carter before he agreed to sign with the Washington Redskins Monday, March 13.

Bears | Team pursued Archuleta

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 05:27:45 -0800

The Chicago Tribune reports Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith had personally contacted S Adam Archuleta, whom he had coached in St. Louis, before Archuleta signed with the Washington Redskins. "It was between here and Chicago," Archuleta said at his introductory news conference in Washington. "I played in a cover-2 system most of my life. I knew it inside out and I had great success with Lovie and what we did with the Rams. I felt like it was going to take a lot to make me not go to Chicago." That the Bears pursued Archuleta quietly yet aggressively speaks volumes about concerns with S Mike Brown's (calf) health and the recovery of promising newcomer S Brandon McGowan (knee), who has a serious knee injury.

Bears | Randle El rejects team's offer

Sun, 12 Mar 2006 09:47:18 -0800

Ed Bouchette, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, reports free agent WR Antwaan Randle El (Steelers) has rejected a contract offer from the Chicago Bears. His agent is still in contact with the team to keep talks open.

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What people aren't saying is that Randle-El took only about 2 Million more (I know, ONLY???) to come here b/c the 6 years for 27 Million doesn't really matter that much (vs. whatever years Chicago was offering). It speaks to his own satisfaction with the coaching staff in DC vs. that in Chicago.

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Skins get Randle El, Bears another 'L'

March 14, 2006


Yes, I was the one who asked the Bears to produce a bang-bang offseason. Naturally, they've responded with another firearms arrest and rambled on as the NRA's favorite football franchise. My hope was that maybe, just maybe, they might capitalize on the new labor windfall, realize they represent a large city starving for a Super Bowl and spend their under-the-cap surplus of $21 million to make instant free-agent strikes.

So what do they do with their overflowing coffers?

They McCaskey us, of course.

Two or three key moves from a potential NFC championship, they've reverted to their traditional Misers of the Midway philosophy at the absolute wrong time and let the conference's other divisional-round playoff loser, the Washington Redskins, define the meaning of ambition. What did Halas Hall money man Ted Phillips say when he asked politicians to help finance a renovated Soldier Field? What did he tell longstanding season-ticket holders when he demanded Permanent Seat License fees and charged staggering sums for executive suites in the lakefront spaceship?

''We need to compete,'' he said.

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Bears lose to high-rolling Skins

March 14, 2006


In a parallel universe where the NFL labor agreement was not extended, it would have been the Bears -- not the Washington Redskins -- holding a news conference Monday to introduce their new players.

But the cold, hard reality is that all the Bears did during the opening days of free agency was make multimillionaires out of wide receiver/kick returner Antwaan Randle El and safety Adam Archuleta.

Both players talked Monday in Washington about how close they were to signing with the Bears. Once strapped by the salary cap, the Redskins got a reprieve with the extension of the labor deal and have been spending money like sailors on shore leave.

The Redskins also reportedly agreed to terms Monday on a multiyear deal with linebacker Andre Carter, another player the Bears coveted. Carter, who figures to fill the void left by the departed LaVar Arrington, was expected to fly to Washington to sign his deal today.

Randle El, the Thornton graduate who would have helped the Bears in three areas they want to upgrade, said he called his old team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and left a message for Bears coach Lovie Smith before accepting the Redskins' offer. He might have returned to Pittsburgh or come to the Bears if they had matched the deal. Randle El said the Steelers declined and he never heard back from Smith.

Randle El wound up signing a seven-year, $31 million contract in which the final season is a voidable year. Essentially, he got a six-year, $27 million deal -- 50 percent more than the Bears offered in their six-year, $18 million proposal.

''It was a matter of getting the numbers right,'' Randle El said.

Randle El wanted to play for his hometown team if the money was there, but Archuleta sounded almost regretful that he couldn't get the same money with the Bears that he received in Washington. The Redskins gave him a six-year deal for about $5 million a year, again going way beyond what the Bears were willing to pay.

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'Skins beat out Bears again

By K.C. Johnson and John Mullin

Tribune staff reporters

March 13, 2006, 10:02 PM CST

At this rate, Washington's next announced free-agent signing will be Lance Briggs.

OK, so the Bears' All-Pro linebacker isn't scheduled for free agency until next off-season and may sign an extension first.

But the Redskins on Monday continued to steal the Bears' headlines by signing safety Adam Archuleta and linebacker/defensive end Andre Carter to $30 million deals guaranteeing $10 million and $11 million, respectively, according to reports.


The Bears had merely contacted representatives for Carter, who could have satisfied coach Lovie Smith's desire to add speed and depth up front on defense. But Smith had personally contacted Archuleta, whom he had coached in St. Louis.

"It was between here and Chicago," Archuleta said at his introductory news conference in Washington. "I played in a cover-2 system most of my life. I knew it inside out and I had great success with Lovie and what we did with the Rams. I felt like it was going to take a lot to make me not go to Chicago."


As with Randle El, the Bears were willing to sign Archuleta only at their price. Despite having roughly $25 million of salary-cap space, the Bears are viewing free agency as a luxury rather than a necessity with 21 starters signed and the lone holdout—linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer—expected to re-sign.

Randle El, whom the Bears offered a six-year, $18 million contract last Friday night, represented the one player for whom they bent their strategy.

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