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Wow, what a week its been down at redskins park! I got up on sunday morning and checked out extremeskins, and when i saw that we had signed in my opinion the top two Wide Reciever's with potential to help our team, i was ecstatic.

However i must say i was a little worried and felt sorry for our defense and Greg Williams! When were we going to sort out our defensive problems? When were we going to sign a pass-rushing defensive end!?

Then i saw that we had signed Archuleta......the only guy out of all my friends who even likes football is a Rams fan, so i got on the phone to him and told him the news. Well, to say he was gutted was an understatement.....anyway we got talking about Archuleta and he confirmed what you guys had said on here, that the Rams built there whole Defense around him and that he was a real playmaker and great tackler.

At first i was also a bit gutted that Ryan Clark probably wouldnt be starting next season, but sacrifices have to be made i told myself.

And then when i saw that we had signed Andre Carter (although not confirmed), i was even more excited. Although i didnt know anything about him, i put faith in Coach Gibbs ability in choosing the right players for the team. Also, i was glad we didnt have to give up anything to get him except $$$. Abraham would have been way too expensive in my opinion, and giving up yet another 1st rounder would have been just stupid.

So, what an amazing free agency. And also, with the news on Redskins.com that Collins is in Washington, its not hard to work out that Ramsey is on his way, either to the Phins or the Lions in my opinion. And although i wish Ramsey all the best endeavours in his career, its time to move on Pat.

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