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Can Ryan Clark Succeed elsewhere?


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When Ryan Clark first came to the Redskins he was virtually a write-off. Very few people believed that he could start let alone become a successful safety. Then Poof! Gregg Williams works his magic and turns a serious underdog into a key player on our Defense. He had done it before with Antonio Pierce and simultaneaously with Lemar Marshall.

The question is do you believe that Ryan Clark can succeed with another team?

I personally do not expect him to meet with much success elsewhere. He is no longer undersized (202 lbs), but he does not seem to have the same physical presence as other safeties. There is no question that he is willing to sell his whole body to make a tackle, but it often seems that he has to sell out on tackles to bring guys down. I also have doubts about his coverage skills. Clark is not particularly athletic, but he is above average at digesting plays.

I think his success is due largely to Williams' Defensive schemes and ability to use his players in ways that best suit their abilities.

If Clark does end up elsewhere (which I sincerely hope he does not), I wish him the best. I do however, think that for his own sake (and ours) he should remain a Redskin!

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I think if he has to go to another team and be more than a role player he could struggle. The brilliance of Greg Williams is simple, identify what a player does well and have them doing that 99% of the time. Clark had a specific job set before him and he did his job. A player like Ed Reed can roam the field, read plays, and ball hawk. I really can't see Clark taking over for a team that is less defined and committed on defense. Hypothetically let's say the Rams. He would not be given a clear definition of his role and most likely will be exploited by opposing offenses. But then again, how many players can truly thrive on a weak team? Very few and far between.

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According to KFFL he is visting or has visited Pittsburgh. The only way he starts there is at the FS position. IMO, he is much more effective as a SS. So yes, he could struggle.

Steelers | Team to visit with R. Clark

Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:50:39 -0800

Joe Bendel, of the Tribune-Review, reports free agent S Ryan Clark (Redskins) will visit with the Pittsburgh Steelers Tuesday, March 14.

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Gregg Williams may not have been holding his hand, but he did take him from being a cast-off who wasn't even in the league anymore to a full-time starter.

The immense success of guys like Marshall, Pierce, and Salavae shows that Williams gets the best out of his players.

I think we saw the absolute best out of Ryan Clark last year and if he is to get any better he must stay with the Skins. I can't name a coach that gets more from his teams talent.

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