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Buc Fans are going nuts down here


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You know, it's kind of flattering that teams outside of the NFC East are commenting on the Redskins. That's when you know that the Redskins are NOT a team to be taken lightly anymore and that fans of other teams are looking at potential playoff matchups and seeing the Redskins being right there in the running. Now that the Skins have added what they've added, I'd certainly be a bit worried about having to face them.

Can't wait for the season to start!!!

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How do they do it? Their defense is overated. I think they are going to demand Mr. Snyder open up his books. Too funny. Mr. Snyder, all I have to say is :applause:

Lol yea, the whole NFL is going crazy.

One Giants fan is so terrified on the Giants Board that he said this and I quote...

Giants Fan: The Redskins may now have one of the top offenses in the league, but remember about the other side of the ball? They still dont have that..."


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San Francisco has fallen to unimagined depths. Mike Nolan and Norv Turner in charge? Frank Gore as the team's most productive offensive player? No defense to speak of.

This team is awful and will probably be awful for some time to come.

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