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2006 Schedule Question....


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most anxious to play: Preseason Game #1-4. Season games 1-16. Playoffs 2-0. Superbowl 1.

thats a rough estimate 23 games i am most anxious to play. a win is a win, does not matter if its 52-10, or 7-6. I dont care as long as my skins are playing, baby!!1 are you serious? are you serious? are you serious? Dicky V

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Hard to say as free agency isn't over yet, and we haven't even had the draft yet. The only real way to judge who will be the toughest to play against is when all the teams have their 53 man roster finished. After or during preseason, that is when i will know who the toughest will be and who i will be most anxious to play.

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In the Division:

1. Dallas (especially if TO signs with them)

2. Philly...in primetime hopefully

Outside the Division:

1. Bucs- the last 2 games were battles so I don't see why this would be any different

2. Atlanta- wanna see our D vs. Vick

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