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Entering the Draft Strong With only DE and Levar to replace


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With Taylor and Archuleta holding down the Saftey positions and Shawn Springs and Carlos Rogers returning to the Corners, Marcus Washington and Lemar Marsall leading the linebackers core, the major focus for the draft should be filling Levar's OLB position and getting another pass rushing DE. And with all the weapons on offense, Jason Cambell? should lead this offense deep into the postseason

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I wouldn't worry too much about DE anymore. We just signed Carter, and there is still a possibility of us getting Abraham. Yes we have Springs and Rogers at CB, but after them we only have Wilds. We need more depth there. Drafting a couple CBs wouldn't hurt. Thomas Howard out of UTEP intrigues me at OLB. We also need more depth at O-Line. Our back-ups there aren't great. Drafting a couple O-Lineman wouldn't hurt either. Other than that, I think we're set.

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Lots of backups for the OL. It's critical. I'd use the second and third rounders here if there are players worth taking.

Then DB, DT, LB -- or anyone who can play special teams, really, because the FO is not very good at finding players in the later rounds.

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If we don't trade our 2nd pick we should grab a CB. DE is fine, as we have Carter (Andyman was dead on as always, as if there was any doubt :notworthy ), Daniels, Wynn, and Evans. Wynn or Evans could slide over to DT as well. As far as LB's, we resigned Khary, so we have good back ups at LB and DE, whichever one Carter isn't playing on a given play. We could still get Abraham (Meaning Inmate/Miss Cleo still have a shot at being right too) and would only need a CB and O-line depth to be addressed in the draft. We could possibly get a Round 1 for Dockery, or keep him, either way we will be sitting pretty.

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CB must be addressed. We have only 3 guys on the roster who have played any kind of time for us, and one of those is Jimoh. Someone who can play nickel is crucial.

LB must be addressed. I'm just not comfortable with Clemons/McCune starting next season. Someone who can play the weakside (or the Mike to move Lemar) is crucial.

OL must be addressed. We have ZERO depth aside from Molinaro. A versatile OG and a backup OC are crucial.

DT could be addressed. Griffin and Salave'a are a very solid pair of starters, but Killings and Jones are not great backups. Not pressing though, because Cedric and Aki can play in a pinch if need be.

If I had my druthers, the remainder of our offseason would look like this:

Sign OC Melvin Fowler. He is a former Terp and started several games for the Vikings this past season. He is a very solid player and IMO was better in Cleveland than the starter, Jeff Faine.

Sign CB Reggie Howard. He really struggled with the Dolphins last season, but was a very solid player on the Panthers during their SB run. He could be a good nickel/spot starter on GW's defense.

Trade Patrick Ramsey and our 2nd round pick (#53) for the Jets' 2nd round pick (#35).

Draft LB D'Qwell Jackson from Maryland with that pick. He could either play WLB or move Lemar outside if the coaching staff feels he is a better fit. He is a tackling machine and has good game speed. His size is questionable, but his instincts are not. Seems like a 'Skins type player.

Draft OG Kevin Boothe from Cornell with our 5th rounder. I really like this guy. He is big, quick, and strong. And clearly he must have something on the ball as far as intelligence goes, what with being an Ivy League guy. He would be a nice sleeper pick for some depth on the OL.

Draft DT Larry Dibbles from Texas with one of our 6th rounders. He will fall a little due to some size and character issues, but he's a great athlete. Both quick and strong. Would definitely have a shot at making the roster or at least the PS.

Draft CB Chijioke Onyenegecha from Oklahoma. He is raw, but has good tools and excellent size (6'1" and 215 lbs.). He also would have a shot at making the roster or at least the PS.

I think with those additions, we would shore up our roster immensely at minimal cost.

If the Ramsey trade doesn't work, I would draft Roger McIntosh (OLB from Miami) in the 2nd. With the compensation from the Ramsey trade, I would take a look at Will Blackmon or Alan Zemaitis. Both of those guys have big upside and could be steals in the 4th at CB.

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