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Christian Fauria any good?


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Christian Fauria! i dont know much about that guy, is he more of a blocker more of a recvier , hope a blocker. anyway with him will we need to draft TE or can we just worry about are D.

Living in boston I watched a lot of Pats games and I bet if you look at the stats the large majority of his catches are 1st downs. He is a nice big target in the red zone. Much better hands than Royal and he will be good with the media as well. Also, wearing a couple of rings gives him instant credibility with the younger guys.

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I always thought of him as an overall decent player. He will not make the extraordinary catch, he won't give you yards after the catch, he's not a dominating blocker, he's not going to stretch the field deep.

He is a decent blocker with decent hands who won't get penalties (Zeron Flemister) and won't drop the easy pass (Robert Royal).

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