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With the signing of Adam Archuleta just take a look at the secondary. With Taylor, Springs, Rogers, and Archuleta I can’t think of a tougher combination of defensive backs. I look for the number of turnovers created by the Redskins this year to increase significantly.

I laugh at the conversations about Archuleta getting beat deep and taking bad angles. These are the same people who vote Roy Williams to the Pro Bowl every year.

Cap Hell has never felt so good and I haven’t even mentioned the offense.

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Thinking about AA and ST at the safety spots reminded me why I hated playing WR; getting wacked right after the catch. There's no worse feeling for a WR when they know that the safeties can hit and have the speed to get to you as the ball arrives. You're watching the ball and next thing you know is the world is upside down. Hopefully, we keep Clark.

As said earlier, couple that w/ a good pass rush where the ball has to come out early and man it would suck to be a WR playing against us.

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