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NFL Player Staat Joins US Marine Corps..

Air Force Cane

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wow- this guy is a big time patriot.

Says he was friends with Pat Tillman. Hope he does well and we need to pray for all our troopers..


"Besides the physical training, boot camp is aimed to place stress on recruits to prepare them for stressful situations they may encounter on the battlefield. :cool: Stepping away from the life of an entertainer to enjoy the priceless experience of Marine Corps boot camp, Staat said he couldn’t feel more at home. “I would wake up every day and smile,” said Staat. “Recruits look at me like I am crazy, but I am just happy to be here; to be on a practice field as big as Camp Pendleton is crazy.”

The only thing that Staat couldn’t grasp about training was the other recruits. He couldn’t understand why 60 recruits would rather to do push-ups in the dirt than sound off when told to by their drill instructors, but Staat never lost his motivation, according to Goodheart. (uh, because Marines can't comprehend base logic like Airmen can? :silly: )

“If you change the mindset of what you are doing, you can turn it into a whole new experience,” said Staat. “I looked at field training like I was going camping. They are going to pay me to learn how to train and survive in the field.”Staat said he found it amusing that people pay for the training that Marines are paid to complete.“They train you to keep in shape. They put you on a diet,” said Staat. “People pay to do that.” :laugh:

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