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The poll says "Which of the following teams have improved the most in early Free Agency."

The choices are:





Where's the love for the Skins!?

On second thought, NFL.com hasn't even reported about Lloyd, Randel El, or Fauria...so maybe those moves weren't incorporated when the poll was made.

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This is like a draft evaluation right after the draft. You have to give these guys into the season before truly knowing whose front office did the best job bringing in the talent to make their team better.

Minnesota has a pretty good new coaching staff, Daunte is on his way out (and we don't know if he will be healed in time to contribute or ever be the same). Chester Taylor is a great addition to their running game, Longwell will be great in a dome, Hutchinson (if not matched by Seattle) will be a phenomenal grab at Guard, resigning Robinson is a smart move, and Leber should do ok for the defense. The best news about Minnesota is that the new owner, Zigy Wilf, is aparently very willing to spend money vs. the old owner, Red McCombs, who was known for being a huge tight-wad.

Cleveland has been super busy getting the best center in Bently, a decent posession receiver in Jurevicus, and another O-L guy from the falcons in Kevin Shaffer. They also brought in Ted Washington who may be very old, but I imagine that Romeo Crennel knows how to use him seeing that he had him for the first of 3 SB runs in New England. They also signed a better punter. Something tells me that they may not be finished in their additions and are rumored to be going after Lavar.

Redskins - we have completely sealed up our offense with 2 of free agencies best receivers (Randle-El and Brandon Lloyd) as well as a reliable veteran TE in Fauria. We are still pursing Adam Archuletta and trying to get a tweener DE/LB in either Carter or Abraham. It still remains to be seen if we will try and bring in depth for the OL or CB positions through free agency. We also still need a kicker.

The Eagles and Cowboys will be in the running if they sign the rumored impact players they are looking for. Both situations would be big gambles, especially on the Cowboys end ... with Dallas looking at T.O. and Philly going after Javon Walker. Philly has also been addressing other needs by brining in TE Matt Schobel, LB Shawn Barber (maybe too old), WR Brian Finneran (maybe too old as well), and DE Darren Howard (not signed yet, but looking that way).

No division in football is doing more to build itself up than the NFC East. Great matchups for next year!

Arizona has a great move with James, but how will he do on turf with their O-Line versus what he was doing in Indianapolis? Good news is he is going from a pass happy offense to another pass happy offense.

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Why would we be listed? I don't understand. We were in the playoffs last year. There isn't THAT much more room for improvement. Honestly, some of you go overboard with this "the media hates us" junk. Sure, I have no doubt that some hate Dan Snyder. But no matter what fans you speak with, they all say the media hates THEIR team. The media can't hate every team.

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