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POLL: IF you could be a Super Star Skin what postion would you play?


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I'd be a Offensive Guard... Leading the #1 rushing game in the league! I'd be famous for pulling around the end and making Linebackers blow snotbubbles after I hit them!

Coach Bugel would love me!!! I'd wear #74 and be a Core Redskin!!!

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I think the redskins should recruit me

I run a 3.9 (when im running to the fridge)

I can bench 245 pounds a few hundred times (only when that weight is a sandwich)

I have a 40 inch vertical, when i stand on a 40 inch chair.

I Have unbelievable hands, i cant catch a ball, but my hands just look unbelievable.

I Have a hockey helmet, so they dont have to buy me equipment.

Im also very good at confusing teams when i Play QB, especially my own.

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If I was a Super Star Skin and had the necessary tools, I would like to be a Pass Rushing DE. I would like to raise hell on opposing team quarterbacks just like Charles Mann & Dexter Manley did in the 80's and like what Philip Daniels & Renaldo Wynn currently do today.:helmet:

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