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Not invited to the Combine


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A few years ago the Skins took a chance on linebacker Derek Smith who was not invited to the Combine--he is still enjoying a decent pro career. There are a couple of offensive linemen who were not invited to the Combine and deserve a shot to see if they could provide some OL depth for us. Not starting material but football players who could fight for a backup spot. Most draft experts have these guys going in the very late rounds or not being drafted.

1. Tony Palmer--guard Missouri--1st team Big 12 2005, 2nd team Big 12 2004. Co-captain.

2. Chris Morris--center--Michigan State--Co-captain.

These guys are maulers--if we could get them in the later rounds--I think it would be worth it.

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I think it'd be worth a shot, Derek Smith has been a solid player for a long time

Not to mention he was the only one of the three, Peterson and Carter that the 9ers elected to resign. :) He has had a very solid career. In some ways I hated to see him leave Washington, I remember his rookie year they said he lived with a local family in DC, really seemed like a nice guy.

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