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Cooley,Archualeta,Campbell an Randle ell at wizards game!!!(Picture inside)


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chris cooley looks like a bum...but i wouldn't expect anything else.

People were talking about paying him more but I heard his ex wife ran away with half his first contract after the whole cheerleader debacle, please correct me if i am wrong.

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Archualeta: Nice hat Chris

Cooley: I do not like tthe Nats, but when I where this hat people here go crazy.

Archualeta: So Campbell are you going to throw me some picks in practice.

Campbell I don't no, nobody knows.

Randel El: If I time this right I can nail all of those Wizards Dancers, tonight.

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I'm going to be a typical woman here ...

Those 4 guys are handsome ...

Throw Moss, Washington and Springs in there and :D:D:D:D:D:D .

We have a damn good looking team.

You are very right!!!!!

There are some fine *** men on this team.

Shawn Springs is gorgeous........and CP isn't hard to look at either.


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