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Redskins Video!!!!!!

Chris Worthy

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Didnt see this posted....

Since today is the watch and wait day for free agency, heres some videos for you to keep your day going :) Nice Vid featuring Some music from Chris Paul.


Skins vs. Bucs playoffs:


King Gibbs:


Darrell Green:


Skins 2005 Defence:


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Love the video but that music if you want to call it that...Good God that needs to change...put some Van Halen music on that...now that would be cool!

Dude, that wouldn't fit man. This is a bumping, grinding sport. It ain't skate boarding :).

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1) thank yew!! :cheers:

2) A couple of those plays on the "2005 Defense" video were actually from 2004...lol

3) I'm really gonna miss Lavar Arrington... :(

4) LOVED the contrast between seeing Brunell escape a possible sack and run for like 10 yards compared to Simms being sacked with ease on the Skins/Bucs video...as well as all the sinking ships photos at the end..lol

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God I miss Darrell, it's a shame there aren't more guys like him in the league. Some amazing things were always expected everytime he laced up, it was just a matter of when it would happen. I think "Tootsie Roll" would've been a more appropriate song for his vid ;)

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