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Hard Knocks: Episode 10


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Dave Campo starts off by laughing with his assistant coaches about a player who accidently spilled Gatorade on the sideline after a loss:

Campo - "Who was that? The rookie? Man oh man... that's funny. Doesn't he know that the cups are coated with wax? I used to think that was a big joke, but they really do coat those cups with wax. They're actually made of PAPER, can you believe that?"

Avazanno - "Yeah, what a dip**it! He's a f**k**g bonehead. I thought these guys drank f**k**g Gatorade in college. This guy's almost as stupid as the player who tried to order a steak and cheese at McDonalds."

Campo - "What? I haven't heard that one yet. Somebody tried to order a steak and cheese at McDonalds?"

Avazanno - "F**k**g dillrod. I mean, where's this guy been eating all his life? Why doesn't he sign with Philladelphia if he wants a f**k**g steak and cheese? And I thought I was the stupidest person in this organization."

(Laughter ensues)

Jones - "Now, this Flowers kid. He has a real nice voice. I'd like to have him sing the national anthem in Irving for our first game."

Campo - "Yeah, I loved his voice. The guy is a natural singer. We should have him sing the anthem before every game this season."

Jones - "Hey you over there... yes, the one hanging the Cowboys star on the wall... can you grab my cell phone out of the briefcase in my Limosine?... no problem, my driver will let you. Just tell him to bring it then."

Campo - "Do you think Flowers' car will make it all the way back to Dallas, I mean, his gas tank has a leak in it or something."

Avazanno - "My tractor has a leak in the gas tank and I like to smell the fumes sometimes. Ha ha ha."

Jones - "Yeah, I worry about my jet after what happened to Payne Stewart. So sad."

Campo - "Payne Stewart, that broke my heart. Did you make sure that your jet was in good shape after that, God knows Jerry..."

Jones - "Of course. I think we all did. So sad."

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