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bam morris. did he not play for the ravens late in his career. i think he has a shot to show what he has. if it were up to me, by the end of the 3rd presesaon game, he would have shown the coaches if hes ready or not. i would not mind if he puruses a career in coaching though

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Yea. What a waste of talent. He would be a Super Bowl MVP right now if it wasn't for Neil Odonnell playing catch with Larry Brown all day in 1995. The Pukes could do NOTHING with Bam in the second half. He was pounding them into submission.......The Pukes would have 4 trophies and Jerry Jones would have been crucified in Dallas bc they wouldnt have won a trophy without kimmy johnson......

uh, I mean Jimmy of course. I went back to edit it but it just looked better that way for some reason :laugh:

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Morris ready to run

Ex-NFL back to debut with Katy pro indoor team


Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

Former NFL running back Byron "Bam" Morris is making a comeback with the Katy Copperheads of the National Indoor Football League.

Morris, 34, played for four NFL teams in six years before spending almost five years in federal and state prisons in Kansas and Texas for marijuana trafficking.

Morris, who hasn't played since the 1999 season when he rushed for 414 yards for Kansas City, makes his debut with the Copperheads on Saturday night when they host Beaumont in the regular-season opener.

"This is a good test for me," said Morris, who weighs 256 pounds, a pound more than his playing weight with Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Chicago and Kansas City. "If it doesn't work out and I decide I don't want to play football anymore, I'll give it up.

"Basically, I think I want to prove to myself that I can still play. If I can't, I won't get mad about it. Right now, though, I want to play football. I want to make up for a lot of lost time."

Morris has petitioned the NFL for reinstatement. He has undergone regular drug testing since being released from the Wynne Unit in Huntsville in August 2004 and has completed the psychological testing necessary for reinstatement.

Morris' petition is in the hands of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who is in Houston today as the keynote speaker at the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Hilton Americas-Houston.

Even if Tagliabue reinstates Morris, he knows Morris is the longest of long shots to get a tryout with a team that's willing to take a chance on a running back of his age and background.

To play is important

"Ever since I got out (of prison), I've been determined to win reinstatement," Morris said Thursday at the office of his agent, Josh Kaufmann. "I've completed every step necessary. Now it's up to the commissioner.

"I know he's been real busy (working on the new collective bargaining agreement between the owners and players), but I'm still hoping that he'll realize how serious I am.

"I don't know if anyone will give me another chance, but I know this: At practice (with the Copperheads) this week, I got to run over some defensive guys, and it felt good. I had fun. I'm excited. I can't wait for our season to start."

At one point, Morris earned a base salary of $1.2 million. He'll earn $300 a game with the Copperheads, who play at Leonard E. Merrell Center in Katy. They're allowing Morris to play offense and not defense.

He went to Orlando of the Arena Football League in January but rules that require players to play on both sides of the ball prompted Morris to ask for his release.

"They had me playing linebacker, too, and I hadn't hit anybody since 1987," Morris said. "The Copperheads are letting me play running back. I'm in good physical condition, but as far as playing condition and getting hit like a running back needs to get hit to get ready, it's going to take a little while."

Since Morris was paroled from prison, he has been speaking to groups of all ages, telling his tale that led him down a path of self-destruction and ended a football career that began with so much promise.

Super Bowl highlight

At Texas Tech, Morris won the Doak Walker Award as the nation's best running back and was drafted in the third round by Pittsburgh. In the Steelers' Super Bowl XXX loss to Dallas, he was the game's leading rusher with 73 yards and a touchdown.

"I've got a lot of regrets about what happened to me," Morris said, "but I've accepted my fate. There's nothing I can do about the past, but I've been living my life right since I got out.

"(Playing with the Copperheads) is another step. We'll see where it goes. I have to give football another shot. I'll never know if I can do it if I don't give it one more try."


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