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Skins.com: Time To Embrace Marcus Washington: DUH!!!!


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Time to Embrace A New Leading Man

March 10, 2006

When Marcus Washington arrived in Washington two years ago, he said how much he was looking forward to playing along-side fellow linebackers such as LaVar Arrington and Jeremiah Trotter. That notion never really worked out, of course.

Arrington departed on March 5, leaving the Redskins with questions regarding their linebacker corps for 2006 as NFL teams enter the weekend that begins the free-agent signing period.

One question the Redskins don't have to face pertains to Washington. Like Arrington, he's a charismatic figure, a talented player and a person with a keen interest in the affairs of the greater Washington, D.C., community.

Maybe 2006 will be the year in which he's fully recognized on all three counts.

Firmly established as one of the NFL's high energy players, Washington crafted a Pro Bowl season in 2004, but he was overlooked in 2005.

In the 35-7 rout of the Cowboys on Week 15, for instance, he proved emphatically he's one of the best.

No. 53 was all over the place, helping key a fabulous defensive effort that bewildered the Dallas offense. Washington twice sacked quarterback Drew Bledsoe, one of which forced a fumble that set up a Redskins touchdown. He intercepted a pass that led to another seven points.

Washington, the king of enthusiasm during games and practice, raised his intensity in 2005 in helping the Redskins in their march to the postseason. He was named The Quarterback Club's Redskins Player of the Year.

The talented linebacker started all 18 games a year ago, finishing second on the team in tackles with 125. Lemar Marshall led the way with 132.

Overall, the 2005 campaign was one in which the former Indianapolis Colt seemed to get better and better each week. In the Redskins' 17-10 playoff win at Tampa Bay, Washington came up with 12 tackles, an interception, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

By season's end, Marcus Washington was playing like one of the best linebackers in the NFL.

Said Redskins defensive tackle Joe Salave'a: "Marcus has a motor that's something special. His enthusiasm for the game rubs off on everybody else."

In 2006, the 6-3, 247-pound Auburn product will get the chance to go up against his former NFL, Indianapolis. You know he'll be pumped over that opportunity. Hopefully, the 2006 season will be the one in which Marcus Washington begins to get the league-wide recognition he deserves.

Yo Casey Word of Advice....Start Watching Redskins Games. :doh:

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They are 2 stars on G. Williams' defense.

Okay, but let's say that you had to say that a certain person was the leader of the defense and without them the defense would not be as good. I would say it is Sean Taylor's defense. We saw what happened in Tampa without him starting.

But yes, in the long run, they are just two star players and I like that you are thinking about the defense as a whole and not as just naming star players.

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The title of this thread is great! I said the exact same thing when I saw that article. Washington already WAS being embraced when he came to this team, and that has only grown since. Solid and consistent player. If he keeps it up, then I don't know who will be the face of our defense, him or ST.

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Washington is a solid LB, but not THE FACE OF THE SKINS. I think this article was more about marketing capibilities of the Skins. I think THE FACE OF THE SKIN, now is really portis.

He has shown to have lots of personality and be media freindly. Next is his community contributions. Thats is what will set him up.

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