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So Much For Issac Bruce Being A Redskin....


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Well, some of you are probably too young to remember, but we did ok with the last "over the hill" Rams receiver we signed - Henry Ellard.

The man was a First Down Machine.

Besides, it's slim pickings with this year's FA WR crop...

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His health was a concern last year.

It's always nice to add a veteran presence who commands respect from opposing defensive backfields, but at this point in his career let's face it, any attention that Bruce receives is largely a result of his name and past production. Over the long haul, I don't think he's enough in and of himself to take the heat off Santana.

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I'm glad that the Bruce temptation is no longer a factor. I feel they've been granted a second life with this CBA extension now they need to be smart about FO decisions.

You'd think they'd learn their lesson w/ Coles.

What lesson is that? Coles is a really good reciever still...he just didn't work out here. That thought made no sense to me. :logo:

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