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CNN.com: Greenspan: Third-party candidate coming


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NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) - Recently retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan believes that there will be a major independent candidate for president from the nation's political center, according to a published report.

In an interview with The New York Times about his post-Fed activities, Greenspan said he makes that prediction in a memoir, for which he recently got an estimated $8.5 million advance from Penguin Press, a unit of British publishing concern Pearson (Research).

Greenspan told the Times he plans to argue that the current "ideological divide" separating conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats leaves "a vast untended center from which a well-financed independent presidential candidate is likely to emerge in 2008 or, if not then, in 2012."

I hope he's right. Wingnuts have way too much power in politics these days.

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Consider me from Missouri.

ie- SHOW ME.

Warner from VA and the Governator would do better in a middle area party then they do in the GOP or Democratic parties. The problem is that when you vote for a moderate Republican - you help guys like Tom Delay hold onto power. When you vote for a moderate democrat you help Nancy Pelosi. That needs to change.

Like you I want to see it happen before I believe it - but it's nice to dream.

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