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ESPN Insider: Chat with Rick Spielman


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Chat with Rick Spielman

Ben(Fresno,Ca): Hey Rick, Which Team/S benefited The Most From The New CBA Agreement?

Rick Spielman: It really helped the teams that were in cap hell. This new extension puts everyone for the most part back on an even playing field


Justin (Williamsburg, VA): Now that the new CBA has been ratified, how active do you expect the Redskins to be in free agency? Which positions do you think they will look to fill?

Rick Spielman: The Redskins to biggest areas of need are at the wr position. That don't have a #2 wr opposite of Moss. The other biggest need is a pass rusher off the edge


Paul (idaho): David Givens, any hope he lands back with the patriots?

Rick Spielman: With a poor draft class of receivers and not a very deep free agent class of wrs Givens will be in high demand and will probably hit a big payday elsewhere


Jeff (Cleveland): Do you think the Browns can fix most of their deficiencies through FA and the draft this offseason and be competitive soon?

Rick Spielman: They need to address the defensive side of the ball to fit the scheme. They should thry to make a splash signing an Arrington or McGinest type lb that can rush the passer.


Justin (Baltimore, MD): What kind of draft pick is Patrick Ramsey worth? I find it hard to believe that a guy with first round talent is worth a second day pick.

Rick Spielman: It all is determined on the market and how many bidders there are. It varies each year but I would not give him away for just anything

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