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Free Agency To Be Pushed Back Another Day (Friday to Saturday)


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ESPN.com reports after announcing the new NFL labor agreement,

the NFL asked the players' union to push back the start of free

agency from 12:01 a.m. ET Friday, March 10, to 12:01 a.m. ET

Saturday, March 11. Gene Upshaw, executive director of the NFL

Players' Association, told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that since the

NFL has approved the labor proposal, he will grant the NFL's

request to push back free agency. Upshaw told Mortensen that

while he has not yet actually granted the delay, he planned to

do so. The formal announcement of the extension will likely come

Thursday, March 9.

So another day before we sign Bruce, Peterson, Etc. :applause:

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Yep. But when free agency begins, is it likely that we sign players straight away?? For example on saturday??

Sorry but this is my first offseason....

players can sign after 12:01am on Saturday....

but it takes time to draw up deals...players usually

wait to see what offers they get from various teams...

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I wish it would get to free agency already. The teams have already had plenty of time to prepare for both scenarios what with all the other delays. Oh well, what can you really do? At least, hopefully, there are no more reasons to keep pushing it back past Sat, 12:01 AM. I believe Gibbs and Co. will start recruiting the FAs right away as they have expressed their desire to be aggressive in FA. Now that we are contenders once again, and have the greatest coaching staff in the NFL, we will be that much more attractive to just about all the FAs on the market.

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